Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My favorite thing I swapped

This is a post about my favorite thing that I swapped with my partner. I made her a t-shirt for her daughter which had a design that matched her own tattoo. She and I emailed back and forth quite a bit and she mentioned that she had some tattoos, so I asked her what they were. She told me about them and mentioned that her "favorite tattoo and current obsession" was her Sailor Jerry tattoo that had a swallow and her daughter's name, "Sophia," in the banner.

Well, I was trying to figure out how to incorporate Sailor Jerry into my package and I did a search to see if I could get some examples of it. Lo and behold, this picture popped up. I was nearly positive that it was her tattoo, but that was confirmed when I discovered that the artist lived in the same city as my partner. Whoopeee!

Now, just how to use this valuable information. I decided early on to do two packages in the swap for Heather and Sophia. It occurred to me that it would be so fab for Sophia to have a shirt that had the same tattoo as her mom, but with "Mommy" in the banner instead of her own name.
So I messed around in paint and photoshop, bought some t-shirt transfers and a 4-yr-old size t-shirt, and VOILA! I am super proud of this. Also pictured is the bracelet that I made for Sophia that is very similar to a bracelet that I loved when I was her age.

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