Monday, July 17, 2006


It's been a while, but I've been CRAZY busy. I finished Mason's book (will post pictures later) and it was the cutest thing ever. My friend loved it and she was so impressed with the handmade gift. I love surprising people!

Mason's little birthday party was the most adorable thing ever. Lately, he has gotten obsessed with tractors. He believes that the lawnmower (a push-mower) is a tractor (I guess it is!) and he is just crazy about going out to the garage and looking at it. His mother says that the tractor will bite him, just so that he will leave it alone. Everything he got for his birthday was tractor themed (but no noisemakers, as per the parents).

I spent the weekend in Memphis with my family. My two sisters were out of the house and my parents "spoiled" me. Kelly went to Branson with her husband and Susanne was on a choir tour. They rented movies for me to watch with them and took me to my favorite restaurant. Nothing is quite so embarrassing as watching a James Bond movie that has a gratuitous sex scene in it with your parents. The only comforting thought was that THEY picked it, so it was not my fault.

Well, it was a pretty great week, but things are about to get hectic because I am MOVING!! I am out of my apartment at the end of this month and I am trying to get things settled so I can move into my new apartment by the end of this week. CRAZY, I tell you CRAZY. Wish me luck!

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Dacia Ray said...

i love it! a book like this is on my to-do list. i had one as a little girl that i loved...