Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Birthday Present for a Little Tyke

I have been working on this for a shamefully long amount of time. I just picked it back up again because my best bud's little boy is turning two on July 11th. So, now that all I lack is the embroidery, I decided to get cracking once again.

I am making him a fabric "activity" book. I had one when I was little, and my grandma made it for me. She taught me how to make them and it has been a real bonding experience for the two of us to make some more together. She is my hero and the one who taught me to knit, sew, cook, and do other generally crafty stuff.

So, here are a few pages that I've finished. :-D

I've always loved this alligator since I was a little girl. He has a fun zipper mouth!

He licks his ice cream cone with a little polka dot tongue!! :-D

My sister loves the fishing pelican.

I invented all the pieces for this clown's face.

And his clown shoe is my very own pattern. I'm rather proud of this!

And you have to admit that this giraffe is just too cute.

I love the abacus-like counting page too. It's really simple, but still a learning tool for kids. That's all that I have for now, but I have several more pages to go. Hopefully I can show you more tomorrow! I need to finish soon, though!! Hee hee!


Glenda said...

I just found your blog via craftster... I LOVE this activity book. I'm thinking of making one for my nephew's 2nd birthday this summer... is 2 months enough time? (I'm a beginner sewer).


gishygoo said...

Glenda--I am not sure how to respond to you so I will do it here and on your blog. I would think that if you are going to make 1 book, 2 months would be plenty of time as long as you worked on it faithfully. Keep this in mind though . . . you can do as many pages as you like! I think you could respectfully get away with 4-6 pages (front and back). I did 10 pages front and back. I completed my books in 3 months, but I was making 3 of them at a time, so it required alot more work than just making one. Good luck, I am sure that you will do fine! If you have any other questions or need a pattern for one of my homemade pages, please let me know.