Saturday, July 01, 2006

One good, one bad idea

Ok, so I was really depressed yesterday about a project that didn't pan out as I had expected/hoped. I didn't allow enough "wiggle room" in the shirt that I made from the pillow case, so it does not fit me. I think it will fit a pre-adolescent girl though, so I am going to finish it anyway and give it to a friend that I work with for her daughter. It's going to be darling.

Next up is a project that actually did work out and much better than I might have expected. My roommate bought a new sleeping bag last night to go camping with this weekend. Of course, it came packed in one of those bags that you can never get it back into, so she asked me to make her something that she could use to transport it this weekend and keep it in a nice roll. This is what I came up with.

Isn't it great? She loves it and so do I. She can now use it with any sleeping bag that she ever gets, because it is essentially a blanket with tie straps and handles. I love that material. It's from another sheet that I bought at the thrift store a while back. :-D

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