Thursday, June 05, 2008


These are pictures I took with my new Nikon D80 that my husband so generously gave me as a wedding/anniversary gift. A year ago, when we got married, his gift to me was a beautiful letter that I will cherish always, but he felt that he needed to get me something to add to it. I don't feel like there was a good enough reason, but I do love the gift and won't be taking it back!!

Take a look and let me know what you think! I took these photographs while on a nature hike in the University of Alabama Arboretum. I took zillions (ok, about one hundred) and these are the ones that I liked the most.

There were several clumps of these little yellow flowers and this clump just stood out from the rest because the sun was falling on it just right.

This is probably a tie for my favorite picture. It was a pretty shady spot on the trail and there was one patch of sun that was shining directly onto one bunch of these blossoms. It was so pretty and I think I actually captured the feel in the picture, so it makes me happy.

I love this picture and it is my other favorite. I just happened to see this tiny ladybug as I passed by and thought she (oh yes, I am sure it was a girl, haha) was just too pretty not to take a picture. This photo actually had the potential to be blurry and awful because the branch kept swaying wildly in the wind, but I like how some of the leaves ended up not being in focus while the ladybug and other leaves are in sharp focus.

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