Friday, May 11, 2007

Swap Love!

Well, here it is! The long-awaited photos of my dollar store swapping fun with Kat in Buffalo! I am going to post pictures of her package to me later this week. The first thing that I made for her (and I guess the thing that she enjoyed most . . . she said she still uses it!) is a purse that I made out of dishtowels. I found three little dishtowels that were the same fabric and two were the same color of purple and one was a darker purple.

I made the lining with a light purple and put a cell-phone pocket inside and a large pocket on the outside, which you can see I have appliqued with a large "K" for Kat! The buttons were sewn on by hand (and totally removable by the way, Kat!), but I thought they were a nice touch. Wish that I'd had more time to make it look cuter, but I was a little rushed for time.

I had to add a cute little donut, because it seems that all of my swap partners have one of these on their wist! It's so much darn fun to make, too. I just included the picture to show that it is different from my last donut (ok, so it's not that different).
The next thing that I did was cover a small journal with some fabric that I repurposed from a wine bag that was velvety and had these awesome dangly beads on it that just made perfect fringe. And I took some felt and covered a set of bamboo coasters that I found at one dollar store and hand embroidered spider webs on each of them.
Here is a closeup to show some of the different spiderweb designs I did. I hope that Kat liked her package, but I do have something that I am still (!) working on for her. Life's been hectic, so I hope that she can forgive my tardiness! She's been an awesome partner and I can't wait to show you her fabulous talent!

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