Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I have no self-control!

I love Etsy. I love the idea of Etsy. It's just like a continuous, online craftfair. I love the people on Etsy. They are guys and gals that love to craft and make a few things really well that they are willing to sell to the rest of us.

Recently, I made my first purchase on Etsy, after being a long-time lurker. It was quickly followed by my second, third, and fourth purchase. Now, I fear that I am addicted. I especially love, in particular, Craftonomy, who is having a sale this month because it is the month she was born in! Buy one item, get another for 25% off! Amazing . . . go check her out. Especially if you are a science geek, because, well, she is too. She has some beautiful jewelry - you'll barely notice that it's also educational! I'm buying for all my teacher friends . . . it may be a sickness.

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