Friday, July 28, 2006

I wanna plaaaaayyyyyyyy.

I feel like the kid who has a broken leg during soccer season. I can't do anything crafty right now because my stuff is ALL over the place. I have been attempting to unload boxes in my new apartment with a vigor, but the air conditioning is broken (ugh) and it gets to be pretty hot and muggy in that place. I've got all my bookshelves arranged, but I still need to organize my crafting stuff and get a craft "area" going. I have several ideas for things I want to do.

I love the idea and look of this knitting needle wrap. I think the homemade stitch markers are so cute and fit so well with the theme of the whole wrap. I will definitely make some for myself and possibly my grandmother. Too bad I don't know anyone who really loves to knit other than the two of us.

And then, I have an evil plan to save the world by making grocery totes to replace my use of plastic bags at the grocery store. I really love this super cute tote that was submitted to the Whiplash competition. But, my favorite grocery totes are on this post on Craftster. I love all these people who come up with ways to save the environment.

In further news, I am now dying to move to Portland, Oregon. Reasons: 1) my favorite bloggers live there, 2) it rains alot, and I love rain, 3) the area is so eco-conscious, 4) I saw Rachel Ray's Tasty Travels in Portland and I really loved all the restaurants and site-seeing! Oh, how I wish I lived there . . .

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